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poster_2013_06_26PRAGUE – On Wednesday June 26th 2013, another 269 event will take place, already in its 4th edition.

This time the organizers stiffened up and at 5 pm on the Republic square, activists will be not only tattooed, but also branded with hot iron, which is regularly used around the world to brand farmed animals. This public act aims to bring attention to the pain and suffering we, the people, cause to billions of animals without even considering, that all living beings feel pain equally to us, humans.

The protest will take place on the International Day in support of victims of torture (violence) and calls on the general public to realize, that the most casual reason or justification to violence is the feeling of superiority. The same superiority we already know from history – when black people were serving the white majority, when women were deprived of right to vote, or when Jews lost the right to life in itself. Today, most of us condemn these actions. However, we keep forgetting the most widespread form of violence and slavery happening daily in slaughterhouses, factory farms, laboratories or circuses. Even nowadays gas chambers are used to kill living beings. Even today sentient beings are held locked up in cages. Even now the lives of thinking beings are terminated ‘without a hitch’. The Holocaust has not yet ended.
The idea of 269 movement originated in October 2012 in Israel, where three activists got publicly branded with hot iron bearing number 269 – symbol of an anonymous calf degraded to a mere digit. This event had a great feedback all around the world and brought a wave of such happenings with the same idea in more than twenty countries. “I agree with the philosophy behind 269, which refuses the degradation of living, sentient beings to stock in production and I am glad to support this campaign aiming at liberation of animals,” said Roman Bauer, one of the activists, who will be branded on their very own skin.

Ilustrační fotografie z události v Izraeli


Our society perceives meat, dairy and eggs practically as ready-made products. Only few really think about how products on shopping shelves got there and what preceded. Billions of animals live in absolutely unnatural conditions and are drastically exploited for the needs of particular industries. It’s not only cattle, pigs and poultry, who are born, live and die in these conditions, but also laboratory animals and those farmed for fur – all bred to satisfy human whims.

We should not forget, that we have a choice. Let’s choose a path without unnecessary suffering, exploitation and killing,” adds the co-organizers.

Pain is pain
Blood is blood
Fear is fear

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