June 26th 2013 Demonstration held on the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

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PRAGUE, Republic’s square – June 26th 2013 Demonstration held on the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture.

269mainCzech animal rights activists have once again, for the fourth time, joined the worldwide campaign 269life. It originated through an event, when three Israeli activists got themselves branded with hot iron, baring number 269. Serial number of a random calf in an Israeli factory farm. Similarly to billions of other animals in farming production, this calf, too, died in a slaughterhouse. Number 269 has thus become an international symbol of fight against enslavement and holocaust of animals. The movement set off a wave of solidarity around the world.

 These days our society lives in a paradox of cruel practices in exploitation of animals.  They are very similar to those, which only in recent history, had been committed on humans. While we gradually judge cruelties against our own kind wrong and we find them unbelievable, when it comes to animals, we consider such actions ‚normal‘. Why? We all know, that animals feel pain, grief, joy or mother instinct as much as we, humans, do.

Superior race, transport, selection, death alley, insemination, sterilization, slaughter, extermination …creepy. But how many of us actually realize, that the same words are used in industrial exploitation of animals to date? Humanity is convinced, that man is above all living beings and has the right to use them for own benefit without considering their own needs or balance in the nature. The time has come, when people realize, that enslavement of animals is equally despicable to slavery of humans. General public needs to recognize, that there is no rational reason for breeding animals, holding them in captivity, no justification for painful castration, insemination and other cruel practices. Nor is there a need to rip animal mothers of their children right after birth. Milk, meat, eggs, fur, nor cosmetics tested on animals …. none of these do people need in their lives. We all have the right to choose, we all have the choice to live without suffering of sentient beings.

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