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On Friday, August 23rd 2013 at 5pm a public auction of slaves will take place on Old Town Square(Staromestske namesti).

This is yet another form that animal rights activists chose to bring more attention to the fact, that there is a direct link between enslavement of people and animals. In both, violence and exploitation follow the same patterns. Similarly to the human slaves in the past, animals are considered inferior and therefore ripe for subordination.

The event will take place on International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition, and calls on the general public to realize, that slavery in its core has basically never ended. Even today millions of sentient beings are stripped of their right to freedom, traded and purchased as products, bred, transported and used in various ways for profit. Even today we brand animals with hot iron, painfully cripple their bodies, destroy and divide their families and kill them with impunity. “In its era, slavery was a system, which functioned very well economically. It had been supported by former laws, regulations and even by statements of then-modern scientists and philosophers. Regardless, from today’s perspective we perceive slavery as unjustifiable and horrific. One day we will reflect upon the present period in the same way, the slavery and holocaust of animals – as an incomprehensible era of darkness,” add the organizers.

For the worldwide movement 269life, this is already the fifth event of such cause in Czech Republic. Earlier this year, in June, the Czech movement organized public branding with hot iron, which is used worldwide to brand farm animals. This was a way to express their disagreement with degradation of sentient beings to mere figures.

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