August 23rd demonstration for liberation and solidarity for animals


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PRAGUE – On Saturday August 24th a demonstration for liberation and solidarity for animals will take place at Andel.

Activists will gather at 11:30 to silently raise awareness about the violence we, humans, bring upon other species. They might not speak our language, but they feel pain the same way as we, the people.


The protest event underlined ‘..And our eyes are open to their pain’, is taking place on the same day in more than 33 cities and towns around the world. “We were taught to be blind to violence on animals, we are taking advantage of them for our food, clothes, entertainment, research and also as ‘pets’. But we keep forgeting, that we have a choice. Let’s open our eyes and join hands against this violence. Not as members of an organization, not even as members of the homo sapiens, but first and foremost as one species among so many other Earthlings,” call on general public the Czech organizers from 269life movement.

The international movement 269life originated in autumn last year in Israel, where three young activists got themselves branded with hot iron. This method is used worldwide to brand cattle at (factory) farms. There have been numerous similar events organized in Czech Republic with the aim to end exploitation of animals.

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