Press release for the event on the 21th of December: Activists in the centre of Prague will be caught on hooks like fish


Přečtěte si tento článek i česky.

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC – Animal rights activists from 269 Life Movement will gather at Prague’s important traffic center Anděl on December 21st at 14:00 to personally experience a small fraction of the horrors that the so-called Christmas Carps undergo year by year.

By doing so, they aim to express their disapproval of the violent tradition, which involves streets filled with fish stalls and sellers with hammers in their hands, eager to kill and fillet the carps customers choose – all this in public, for all eyes (even children’s) to see. Activists‘ aim is to call the attention of the general public to the pain and suffering that millions of carps undergo each year in the name of customs and traditions. It is a reminder that Christmas is a celebration of peace and love, a reminder that there are no rational reasons to celebrate in bloodstained streets while looking at cut-off fish heads. 

„Many people denounce bullfighting or slitting throat of a sacrifical lamb during the Muslim ceremony of Eid al-Adha, but only a handful of them realize that these gory rituals are so similar to selling Christmas Carps, a tradition we consider perfectly normal. We sacrifice vast numbers of innocent animals in the name of a tradition that is merely a few dozen years old; yet we refuse to admit that carps (as well as other fish) feel pain the very same way as our pets, livestock or we do,“ explain the event organizers.

Even though the activists from 269 Life Movement are aware of the actual way of fishing out the Christmas carp, the protest will be modelled after the better-known way of fishing, i.e. angling. The form of protest points at the fact that this is not a temporary anomaly that will disappear after the bloody festivities are over. „The so-called Christmas Carp is just the tip of the huge iceberg of fishery and all the problems fishing causes all over the world. For example, the tuna population has dropped by 90% due to its popularity. As a result, it is now a part of the evergrowing list of endangered species,“ follow the activists on the topic of the protest.

„We have met a lot of tourists who visited Prague at Christmas and were horrified by selling Christmas Carps. They considered it an act of barbarism,“ recounts the spokeswoman of the movement, Barbora Malá.

„We appeal to the general public: Do not forget that each of us has the freedom of choice. Let us choose the way without any suffering, exploitation or killing. Let us celebrate Christmas in love and peace that is not limited just to human beings,“ suggest the organizers.

Pain is pain
Blood is blood
Fear is fear

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