Help us stop the cruel Christmas tradition in Czech republic!

Přečtěte si tento článek i česky.

VANOCNI-PSIAll around the world Christmas is a symbol of serenity, peace and charity. However, this symbol relates only to humankind, or pets eventually. But towards some species, carps in particular, are humans senselessly cruel just because they believe carp is a tradition and it belongs to the Christmas atmosphere. So starting with the second half of December Czech cities are filled with overflowing vats and streets are drowning in streams of blood. Because of that we would like to ask you for help to stop this bloody tradition.

 We will try to make you better understand this whole machinery and explain what must this so-called Christmas carp endure to make Czech families happy during Christmas…


Fishermen beat the water with long poles and constrict nets attached to boats. That’s how annual harvest of fishing ponds starts. Terrified fish are trying to swim away but they are backed into trap. Many people assume that fish don’t feel pain but the opposite is true. Fish have developed a nervous system that allows them to feel not just pain but also fear and stress. During the herding many of the fish are beaten by the fishermen’s poles and stress caused by scaring them and their congregation inside nets has also a negative effect.



One of the worst links in the chain of suffering of “Christmas carps” is their very transport. It takes place in an appalling conditions – there is a maximum number of fish crammed on a minimal space and in a minimal amount of water. During the transports from a car to a vat or to the sorting units carps are heartlessly poured like insentient water. The sorting is followed by additional transports to local depots and other places of sale. The last journey to the human flats is lived through only by those carps that the customers wish to buy alive. On the whole each carp goes through three to five transports and consequently the same number of loading and unloading.



Harvesting and transport are usually not seen by customers, still the atrocious conditions of sale can be seen by everyone. Battered, stressed and sometimes even dead fish are crammed into the vats that would be too small even for one of them. By the time carps get to the sales place it is already few days after harvest. They spent the whole time in cars, crates, without any food, crammed one on another. Now they are only awaiting their turn. Moreover, during the sale salesman will stick his fingers in their gills which causes severe pain. Carps open their mouth widely and salesman will scoop some water in it which will add few more dekagrams to their weight. Unless the animal is killed immediately this considerably crude action makes them suffer horribly.



Especially because of children parents buy living carps. Even though the fish can live several hours without water, every minute in the air means desperate fight for life. Carps have no way of showing their suffering and so they are often dragged in net or plastic bags while shopping for Christmas gifts. Few people realize how long they are letting the carps suffer before they throw them into a basin or in the best case scenario bathtub. Once in there, the carp becomes a plaything of curious children that can sometimes be very cruel. It is exactly this kind of upbringing, by which we demonstrate animals as a things that can be bought, owned, killed and then eaten, that makes them feel arrogant and heartless.



During the Christmas Eve hundreds of thousands of carps lose their lives. Their suffering is even bigger because their death comes from hands of laymen at home. The most common method of stunning animal is a blow to the head by a mallet or a hammer. However, quite often this kind of stunning is imperfect and carps are exposed to a painful death.


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