269 Gore Gala Dinner

Festive feast was prepared on Thursday August 27th 2015 at the náměstí Republiky in Prague. The event was a part of the global campaign Respect life. This gala dinner’s objective was to present the public with byproducts of their everyday choice to support animal industry that cruely exploits and enslaves sentient beings all over the world.
We offered passersby an opportunity to have a look into the eyes of victims of their eating habits, beings massacred in meat, dairy, and egg industry. We reminded them of the right that each and single one of us possesses – to freely decide and to not participate in this crime. We paid last respect to those who can’t speak of their own suffering and we conveyed a message about the horrors that precede the moment when their cut up body parts, or food for their stolen children, or products of crippling breeding end up on the tables of consumers who chose to close their eyes before this reality. The event was accompanied by authentic voices of executed animals. In the evening their remains were laid to rest.

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